So it might seem odd to write a blog entry for a website that I am using to host and publish this website. Or maybe not.

Anyway, I really like Weebly. It is so easy to create a website and add blogs, and other pages, and contact pages. It is just drag and drop. Then after you have something put together you just click one button and it is automatically published to the web.

Are there any drawbacks?

While the site builder is extremely flexible and easy to use, there are some odd quirks, but nothing to get upset about.

Things I found
1) If you have a Paragraph and the text you put in it actually has carriage returns and formatting to make it more than just one paragraph and you change the font in any way, then your carriage returns and formatting go Bye Bye. But why have many paragraphs in the same single paragraph widget.

2) For free sites there is a file upload limit, so if you want lots of pictures then watch your limit. The "upload a file" link for a picture becomes permanently highlighted and doesn't allow you upl


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