There are so many reasons why I love my Mac. From all the enterprising independent developers writing apps that I just wouldn't have expected to want or need, but yet when you try them out, you find out you do want them and need them. From apps like QuickSilver to Stickies, to GTD apps like Omni Focus and Things. These apps are really cool and always easy to use. 

My favorite app is VMWare Fusion. Yes, there are other apps like it with Parallels and Virtual Box. Get any one of those. I prefer Fusion because it seems faster to me and quick to get Linux OS images with a simple quick download.

Fusion allows my Mac to be three or more machines all in one, and running at the same time to make me even more productive. If I prefer to write slide presentations in PowerPoint, then I fire up my Windows XP Pro image. If I prefer to work on Postgres database and have my own Tomcat, Apache Web Server or JBoss App Server running, then I fire up my Ubuntu Linux image or my Fedora image.

I can run all my apps together with Unity mode, but I still prefer each in their own window/space. So I can hit CTRL-1 for Mac OS, CTRL-2 for Windows, and CTRL-3 for Linux and I am switched to that OS. I can also share directories. So if I have a file on my Mac that I need in my Linux distro, I just copy it there.

One new app that I just got from www.macheist is Writeroom. This is the app that I am using write now to type this. While I never expected to write something in a simple text editor that literally has no menu or buttons or anything, just typing. But it really does free you (I spoke too soon). Free to write without any distractions and the words just seem to flow for me a lot easier. I have a hard time writing and get blocks all the time where I just stare at the screen and write nothing. But right now, with WriteRoom, I am really going fast.

For you GTDers out there, I like Things and OmniFocus the best, with The Hit List third. I prefer the sub projects in Things better than OmniFocus, but both have very fast entry and fast processing of your inbox into contexts and projects. I like that because any app that takes a long time to enter that information will never be used by me. I would get frustrated and cannot get all the thoughts I need to get out into the app. But Things and OmniFocus do very well at simplifying your GTD process.

Well, there are still lots more reasons why I love my Mac, but I have other work to do right now, going to check my Things app and see what those are.

One last thing, by it being 3 machines for me, I find the price tag cheaper than any PC. I also find that I use my Mac a lot more than I did my Windows PCs.

Oh, hey, I guess there is a menu for Writeroom, it is just hidden so nothing shows up when you are typing. That's cool and find.

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